Socio-Economic Studies

May 24, 2019

4th Issue 2016
Management Revue, Volume 27

Special Issue
Financial Participation

edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Andrew Pendleton and
Erik Poutsma

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            Looking back - mille fois merci, Rainer Hampp
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    Wenzel Matiaske,
Andrew Pendleton,
Erik Poutsma,
      Financial Participation - Introduction
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    Mathieu Floquet,
Loris Guery,
Chloé Guillot-Soulez,
Patrice Laroche,
Anne Stévenot
      The relationship between profit-sharing schemes and wages: Evidence from French firms
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    Olaf Kranz,
Thomas Steger
      Resurrected, recovered, but still didn't survive? A case study on the viability of employee-owned companies
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    Thomas Haipeter       Financialisation of wages and works councils' policy: Profit sharing in the German metalworking and electrical engineering industries
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    Renate Ortlieb,
Wenzel Matiaske,
Simon Fietze
      Employee share ownership in Germany: A cluster analysis of firms' aims
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    Lutz Bellmann,
Iris Möller
      Are firms with financial participation of employees better off in a crisis? Evidence from the IAB Establishment Panel Survey
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    Book Reviews       Paster, Thomas: The role of business in the development of the welfare state and labor markets in Germany: Containing social reforms (by Stefanie John)
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