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April 23, 2018
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4th Issue 2005
Management Revue, Volume 16

Special Issue
good work - poor work

edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Susanne Royer

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    Wenzel Matiaske
Susanne Royer
      What Makes a Job Good or Poor? Editorial
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    Neal Ryan
Craig Furneaux
Anthony Pink
Kerry Brown
      Public Sector Contracting: An Australian Study of Changing Work Conditions
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    John Burgess
Lindy Henderson
Glenda Strachan
      Women Workers in Male Dominated Industrial Manufacturing Organisations: Contrasting Workplace Case Studies from Australia
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    Dorothea Alewell
Katrin Bähring
Kirstin Thommes
      Institutional Structures of the Flexible Assignment of Personnel between Enterprises: An Economic Comparison of Temporary Agency Work, Interim Management and Consulting
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    Florian Schramm
Michael Schlese
      Working Conditions under Economic Pressure: The Case of the German Cleaning Industry
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  Jürgen Bruns
Rüdiger Kabst
      Interim-Management: A Paradox for Leadership Research?
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    Nicole Torka
Jan Kees Looise
Maarten van Riemsdijk
      Commitment and the New Employment Relationship. Exploring a Forgotten Perspective: Employers Committment
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