Socio-Economic Studies

April 19, 2019

1st Issue 2011
Management Revue, Volume 22

Special Issue
Job Satisfaction Revisited

edited by Wenzel Matiaske and Gerd Grözinger

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    Wenzel Matiaske
Gerd Grözinger
Job Satisfaction Revisited
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    Andrew E. Clark       The Organisational Commitment of Workers in OECD Countries
    René Fahr       Job Design and Job Satisfaction - Empirical Evidence for Germany?
    Luke Haywood       Watch your Workers Win. Changing Job Demands and HRM Responses
    Uta Wilkens
Daniel Nermerich
      "Love it, change it, or leave it" - Understanding Highly-skilled Flexible Workers' Job Satisfaction from a Psychological Contract Perspective
    Ortrud Leßmann
Jean-Michel Bonvin
      Job-satisfaction in the Broader Framework of the Capability Approach
    Book Review       Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett:
The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone
(by Manfred Wettler)
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            Book Review/New Books