Socio-Economic Studies

April 19, 2019

2nd Issue 2011
Management Revue, Volume 22

Special Issue
New Perspectives on the Quality of Working Life

edited by Ralph Kattenbach and Jacqueline O'Reilly

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    Ralph Kattenbach
Jacqueline O'Reilly
New Perspectives on the Quality of Working Life
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    Peter Mühlau       Gender Inequality and Job Quality in Europe
    Jos Sanders
Luc Dorenbosch
Rob Gründemann
Roland Blonk
      Sustaining the Work Ability and Work Motivation of Lower-educated Older Workers: Directions for Work Redesign
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    Joris Van Ruysseveldt
Karin Proost
Peter Verboon
      The Role of Work-home Interference and Workplace Learning in the Energy-depletion Process
    Christina Purcell
Paul Brook
Rosemary Lucas
      Between Keeping Your Head Down and Trying to Get Noticed: Agency Workers in French Car Assembly Plants
    Anja Feierabend
Philippe Mahler
Bruno Staffelbach
      Are there Spillover Effects of a Family Supportive Work Environment on Employees without Childcare Responibilities?
    Book Reviews       Deeg, Jürgen / Küpers, Wendelin / Weibler, Jürgen:
Integrale Steuerung von Organisationen
(by Jörg Weitbrecht)
          Skorstad, Egil J. / Ramsdal, Helge (eds.):
Flexible Organizations and the New Working Life - A European Perspective
(by Janine Lücke)
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