Socio-Economic Studies

May 24, 2019



Manuscripts submitted to Management Revue may be either overview articles or empirical studies. In principle, contributions should make a substantial contribution to the way a problem or a theory is discussed.

In order to facilitate a high quality review process Management Revue attaches importance to the following basic rules:

Reviews should be friendly:
Please treat the authors and their manuscripts with respect. Even if you disagree with the manuscript, remember that the authors have put a lot of effort into the manuscript. Always try to find something supportive to say.

Authors should be able to learn from the reviews:
Please specify strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript. Provide constructive comments and suggestions. Distinguish between limitations of the manuscript that may be rectified in a revision and those that you see as incapable of rectification in this way.

Criteria for evaluation of manuscripts include:
– The extent of value added
– How far a worthwhile problem is addressed
– State of the art literature review & discussion
– The depth of the theoretical contribution
– The appropriateness and quality of the empirical method

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